Rent a horse drawn carriage in Lafayette for your next wedding, party, reunion, parade or special event from We offer the best and unique service in Lafayette.

We make it easy to find a Horse and Carriage or Wedding Carriage Rental company
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PRICES:Approximate Horse and Carriage Rental Prices are:
Larger Metro areas: $695 1st hour and about 1/2 that for each additional hour

Smaller towns approx. $340 for 1st hour.
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We have hundreds of horse and carriage companies on file across the nation.

Carefree Carriages LLC Horse Carriage - Buggy Rental We provide the finest in horse drawn carriages for any special event or just an event you want to make memorable. Our elegant carriages are pulled by beautiful Percheron draft horses.
We were one of the top carriage companies in Arizona for the past 21 years and recently relocated to Louisiana.

Elysian Fields Farm Horse and Carriage Horse Carriage - Buggy Rental Make a grand entrance in our stunning white French vis-a-vis carriage drawn by a majestic Percheron, the most refined of the heavy draft horse breeds. Profits used to provide care for aged horses, and to give them a haven for life. Perfect safety record. Personal attention to detail. Professional livery service beyond compare.
Our carriage driver and footman both have more than 25 years experience handling, showing or driving horses so your horse-drawn carriage experience will be elegant, memorable and safe. Elysian Fields Farm Horse & Carriage provides professional service beyond comparison!

Here is a sample of the experience and talent our professionals offer

Susan and William (vendor #27110) We have been involved with horses for all our lives and as a carriage business for the past 10 years. All our coachmen and women are experienced and specifically trained in our methods.

LaDonna (vendor #7981) we have had our carriage service 5 years .

Elaine (vendor #8342) Cedar Knoll Farm's partners have been in business for over a decade.

Steve (vendor #10407) We are fairly new to the carriage business, we have been providing carriages for weddings for over a year. We believe that new blood is a good think, some older vendors, get comfortable and reduce their performance and quality.

William (vendor #33971) We have been in the business of horses our entire lives (60yrs +) and in the commercial carriage business since 1999. We have provided coaches and wagons for 'down home folks' and celebrities (Ophra Winfery, Duchess of York, etc.) and are confident that we can offer your event the best carriage service that will make your event 'Enchanted'.

Brandie (vendor #12782) Founded in 2006, Pegasus Carriage Company owners Bill and Brandie Wilcox have been members of the equine community for over 20 years.

Diane (vendor #33299) B&B has been in business since 1986.

Roberta (vendor #3159) Over 25 yrs driving experience, over 15 yrs in the carriage service business. We don't take chances when it comes to our horses or our passengers.



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