Best Horse Carriage Rentals Long Island-The Hamptons New York

Starting at about $600 and up we have the best local carriage services in your area.
Rent a horse drawn carriage in Long Island-The Hamptons New York for your next wedding, party, reunion, parade or special event. Long Island-The Hamptons Horse Carriage Rentals for any event.

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General Prices:
Horse and Carriage prices range from 500 (smaller towns) to 1000 and up for larger metro areas. These are the starting prices for renting a carriage for weddings, funerals or any type of event. Mileage above 1.5 miles of riding is usually additional. Mileage to get to your city is additional. Decorations on the carriage for weddings are usually additional.
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We make it easy to find a Horse and Carriage Rental or Wedding Carriage Rental company
for your wedding ceremony, reception, prom, local city tour, corporate or private Long Island-The Hamptons NY event.

Bee Tree Trail Cinderella Carriage Rides Horse Carriage Rentals For your romantic Cinderella wedding carriage rides, sweet sixteens, anniversaries, birthdays, marriage proposal rides, sliegh rides, hay rides, dinner rides and much more... we travel all over the country New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Mass., Conn., and others. Carriage rides for 7 years Horse Carriage Rentals Long Island-The Hamptons NY

Hollywood Event Plannerw Horse Carriage Rentals -The name you'll always rember, for the party you'll never forget- Over 40 years experience Horse Carriage Rentals Long Island-The Hamptons NY

Antler Ridge Horse Carriage Rentals I provide reindeer for events and also have a sleigh for sleigh rides and horse and carriage. Over 25 years of experience in reindeer events Horse Carriage Rentals Long Island-The Hamptons NY

We have hundreds of horse and carriage rental companies, many in your local area.

Horse and Carriage rides are so romantic and great for local tours.
If you have never had a horse and carriage ride, you have to try one.
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